Indoor Plants Tewkesbury

Norton Garden Centre - Indoor Plants TewkesburyGetting beautiful indoor plants near Tewkesbury was never so easy before. At Norton Garden Centre, we are making sure our customers’ needs for house plants are met without exemption. For this reason, like with all other product categories, we have focused on variety and availability. Our stock has many products and each in ample numbers.


Our variety of indoor plants near Tewkesbury

Whether you want your houseplants in containers to decorate your patio or simply want to hang them in baskets in the hall, we have the perfect options available for you. Our stock of indoor plants includes the following kinds:

  • Potted Plants: This kind of indoor greens are one of the oldest styles in modern interior decoration done with a natural touch. Potted plants can help you bring the green to every part of the indoors. You can use themed containers to establish a smooth layout of similar looking pots all around your house. With the right kind of containers (with adequate shape, room, drainage, etc.), you can grow your favourite plants right beside your bed.
  • Hanging Baskets: Another style of keeping your indoor greens is also quite popular. Indoor hanging baskets make for a different kind of interior decor, suspended in the middle of the hall or in the drawing room, gently moving like wind chimes. For your indoor hanging baskets, we have Fishbone Plant, Hare’s Foot Fern, Herringbone Plant, Prayer Plant, and more in our stock.
  • Table Plants: Homeowners and professionals also put potted plants on tables and such displays. Table plants have their own beauty to share with the world and succulent plants look particularly nice on tables. If you have a taste for it, having a small cactus on your table also gives off vibes of freshness.


Growing plants in containers in Tewkesbury

Indoor plants, also sometimes referred to as interior plants, are often purchased to add to indoor aesthetics but it is also a serious growing exercise. You cannot just leave your interior plants be once you have put them on a table or in a corner. They need as much handling and help as the plants in your garden and flower beddings. As rewarding as having indoor plants near Tewkesbury can be to your indoor aesthetics, you have to tend to every plant’s needs separately.


Ask us about the perfect indoor hanging basket

To understand better how to take care of your houseplants, make sure you speak to one of our experts during your visit to the garden centre. You can discuss your plans with them along with your preferences and they will ask you a bit about your indoor settings. Once they have this information, they will be able to tell you which plants would be best for you and point you to the right displays without wasting your time.

Visit us this week and get all your indoor plants near Tewkesbury from Norton Garden Centre