Kadai Firebowls Wales

Norton Garden Centre - Kadai Firebowls Wales With their rich history, the Kadai firebowls at our Garden Centre near Wales make much more than just fire pits and barbecue grills for the garden. Introduced as a souvenir of the magical Orient, these garden cooking utensils have grown into a brand our customers in Wales love to have in their garden cooking shopping list.


Our unbeatable variety of fire pits and grills near your Welsh residence

As a partner and true admirer of Kadai, we always welcome the growing range of products this amazing brand is coming up with. Our customers who have some interest in garden cooking and cookware often ask us about any new Kadai designs in the stock. To keep them mollified, we maintain a wide range of Kadai products available in our store.

  • Kadai Firebowls: Kadai firebowls near Wales make the most popular product type among them all. Reliable in quality of materials, these firebowls make great fire pits for a garden party organised on a chilly evening.
  • Charcoal Maker: The Charcoal Maker range was introduced by Kadai years after their popular fire pits and firebowls. The utensil allows you to make your very own charcoal from wood. If you have a party this weekend, you can make more than enough charcoal using these Kadai charcoal makers a day before. It is one of their best selling fireside accessories in Wales.
  • Paella Pans: While you are having a great barbecue party in the garden, some variety in flavours will go a long way in making the evening memorable. The Kadai paella pans will allow you to make delicious risottos, yummy curries, aromatic stir fries, and the paella it is named after.
  • Chapati Pans: Chapati is traditional Indian thin bread eaten with curries, salads, and fried meals. Kadai chapati pans let you make it the Indian way during your Welsh garden barbecue parties. The pan comes with a wooden handle for harmless handling.
  • Skillets & Skewers: With firebowls and garden cooking comes the mention of skillets and skewers for delicious pan recipes and grilled kebabs. Our Kadai range of these cooking essentials will help you add variety to your garden barbecues.
  • Kadai Grills: While Kadai firebowls near Wales were first used as fire pits, the brand soon turned them into grills―perfect for British barbecues.
  • Recycled Tables: A new addition to the Kadai arsenal of cookware is their recycled tables, which work both as cooking stands and can be turned upside down to make useful tables.


Getting Kadai cookware & stands for the perfect garden barbecue in Wales

Like all things Kadai, even the cooking accessories they manufacture are great in quality and usefulness. The brand is known for producing the best kind of light barbecue cookware on incredible prices. While you are visiting Norton Garden Centre, our displays of the Kadai garden cooking essentials will open your mind to new ideas of cooking in your garden while making it look even prettier than it does usually. You could also consider getting a Kadai or one of the accessories as a gift!


Talk to our Kadai firebowl experts

During your visit to the garden centre, make sure you speak to one of our garden cooking experts. They will be able to give you the best ideas about what you should get for your garden when it comes to the wide range Kadai firebowls near Wales and the assortment of supplementary products.

Visit us soon to get your garden barbecue plans going with Kadai