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Norton Garden Centre - Lawn care South Wales To get the perfect lawn care in South Wales, you ought to visit Norton Garden Centre. Our variety of lawn care products will tend to all your lawn’s needs and help maintain it green, healthy, and even.


Norton Garden Centre’s range of lawn care in South Wales

To make sure gardeners in the South Wales region have their favourite lawn care products available nearby, we make sure our inventory of lawn care on Norton Garden Centre contains all kinds of important products and substances that you may want to use. Broadly put, these products come in the following categories.

  • Dressings: Lawn dressing is something smart garden owners use at least once a year before they are ready to plant their favourite flowers, fruits, or vegetables. Lawn dressing is done with the application of special top dressing soil after aeration of the plot. It is applied when the lawn is dry, but we can give you this and other important tips while you are over and getting the dressing for your lawn in South Wales
  • Fertilisers: To keep your lawn healthy and your turf filled with nutrition, use lawn fertilisers that are manufactured particularly for lawn grass. In our stock of lawn care in South Wales, we have a number of such products available from various brands and our own as well so you can take your pick. Pro tip: Be sure your lawn fertiliser is not sulphates or ammonia based or it will considerably increase top growth and you will have to mow the lawn more than usual.
  • Weed Killers: Weed killers or herbicide chemicals are manufactured to kill weeds in your lawn and beddings. Regularly introducing a good quality weed killer to your lawn will keep the undesirable weeding parasites away from your grass and stealing its nutrition. At Norton Garden Centre, we have both ready-to-use weed killers that you can use selectively to target individual weeds and weed killer concentrates that you can spread across the lawn with a water can.
  • Pest Control: Your lawn is as susceptible to its own set of pests as your garden plot is. Neglected lawns often get riddled with ants, spiders, fleas, ticks, earwigs, and many other tiny vermin. Using the right pest control products is extremely important to keep your lawn healthy and free of these unwelcome ravagers. Our range of lawn insect control sprays and concentrates from brands English gardeners have traditionally trusted will keep your lawn pest free and healthy.

For more information about the products we stock, please visit our product range.


Lawn care product for a tip-top garden lawn

Keeping your lawn healthy and green is important for the rest of your garden in a number of ways. A healthy lawn maintains the impression of a smooth and green hue all across your garden. It drinks up rain water many times faster than an average field of wheat, which means your garden will not become a puddle if your lawn is looked after on the daily.

These are just two of the many benefits lawn care products in South Wales can help you enjoy in your garden, all the while making sure your garden benefits from the healthy lawn as well. Additionally, you can find a wide range of accessories for your lawn at our garden centre.


Talk to our experts about lawn care that suits your needs.

When you visit us for your garden essentials the next time, talk to our experts in the premises about lawn care. They would like to know a few things about your turf and will then give you detailed expert advice regarding how you should take care of your lawn and what you should get to do it.

Come visit us soon and make sure you get your lawn care in South Wales from us