Bird Care and Wildlife

Bird Care and Wildlife

Enjoy the beauty of birds in your garden with our superb range of bird care products.

We stock a large selection of products from leading brands like RSPB, Gardman and Chapelwood.

Want to know more about looking after Garden Birds? Check out our guide here. 

Not sure which Nest Box to choose? Have a look at our hints and tips page.

  • Bird Food

Whatever quantity you need, from a small bag up to 20kg, we have a fantastic selection of quality feeds at the best prices. Choose from a wide variety of peanuts, seed, suet treats, fat snax, meal worms, sunflower seeds, nyger seeds and speciality mixes.

  • Bird Tables

A bird table isn't just a wonderful way to care for our feathered friends, it can also become a design feature of your garden. Choose from a simple platform to a more elaborate slate roofed table, or even a dovecote!

  • Bird Feeders

There are so many ways to make sure you can help feed the birds. From traditional feeders to more ornamental feeders, we have it all. 

  • Bird and Wildlife Nests 

It is not only the birds who need somewhere to stay. A number of creatures in the garden need our help. From Bat Boxes, to Hedgehog Houses and Bug Homes, we are all about helping care for the environment.