Compost & Gravel

We stock an extensive range of multi-purpose, specialist, and soil improving composts from leading brands like WestlandNew Horizon and Violet Farm, as well as gravels for soil improvement and promoting growth of new plants and cuttings. Shop our compost via our partner Garden Centre here

Need to know which compost/gravel to use? 

  • Multipurpose compost is perfect for container-grown bedding, cuttings and potting on. In our Garden Centre you'll find environmentally-friendly peat-free and peat-reduced composts, and composts with added fertiliser and water-retaining gels - great for thirsty hanging baskets!

  • Specialist composts are tailor-made for the needs of plants from citrus to roses. You'll also find soil-based composts in our garden centre for permanent container planting, ericaceous composts for lime-hating plants and fine-grade seed composts for sowing.

  • Soil improvers like farmyard manure and composted bark beef up poorer soils to keep plants growing strongly. Mix with your soil when planting and use to mulch the surface to suppress weeds and hold in moisture.

  • Fruit and Vegetables require special soil depending on the stage of the plant growth. We have all you need to grow you own fruit and vegetables with growing bags, instant tomato planters and organic vegetable growing composts.

  • Indoor plants require different nutrients and soils. We have a selection of smaller sized bags of indoor, orchid, bonsai, cactus and citrus composts.

  • Gravel, sand and grit are useful to improve drainage within containers, pots or beds, and can act as a weed suppressor.  Horticultural sand is also used for germinating seeds or helping cuttings grow.