Gardening Tools

Having the right tool for a job is vital in all aspects of life, not just the garden! If you are looking for the perfect gardening tool to use for a specific job in your garden then look no further! Here at Chepstow Garden Centre we have a huge selection of tools suitable for every need. We stock tools from the following leading brands: Yeoman, Joseph Bentley, Wolf Garten, Darlac and Burgon and Ball. See oour full selection here. 


Pruning Shears/Secateurs

A well-known and well-used tool for most gardeners. They tend to be hand held and scissor like, used to cut thin branches on shrubs, bushes and small trees. They can also be used for more detailed work, such as pruning flowers, flower arranging or arboriculture.

Hedge Shears

Hedge shears are generally used to trim and shape shrubs and hedges. This is different from pruning, which is more the maintenance of the shape. Hedge shears are constructed using two sharp blades that operate in a scissor motion. A number of sizes are available to buy with different power source options.


Loppers can be used as a combination of a hedge and pruning shear.  The blades mirror those of a pruning shear, while the handles resemble a hedge shear. Loppers can be used to prune twigs and small branches up to 2cm. A number of loppers will have telescopic handles, allowing gardeners to cut thicker and higher branches. 



Pruning saws are used to cut small branches on bushes and trees. They usually have larger teeth then a regular saw, and the blade has a slight curve from handle. 



The garden hoe is a wonderfully versatile tool. The design has a flat blade mounted on the end of a long handle. It can be used to remove weeds, or prepare soil for planting by moving, hilling and drilling. 



Cultivators are used to break up compacted soil, spread fertilisers, and removing shallow weeds without disturbing the roots of surrounding plants. Also useful for loosening soil and spreading compost planting flowers and shrubs. Hand cultivators can either have a long or short handle for gardening whilst standing or kneeling. Rotary cultivators are  larger versions of a cultivator, powered by electric or gas.  



Garden Rake

The garden rake is rectangular in shape with study teeth.  The head of the rake can be used in a number of ways; the back, flat section of the head is good for levelling beds, especially seed beds. The rake teeth can be used to clear debris, break down clumps of soil and spread compost or fertilisers. They are also handy when it is time to earth up your vegetables. 

Leaf Rake

The leaf rake has long, thin tines set in a fan shape. These rakes are designed to pick up leaves and lawn debris without penetrating or damaging the grass or soil beneath.