Drip Feed – Orchid 10pk

If you love orchids, you’ll know they are relatively easy to grow but require particular attention, especially when it comes to providing the right feed and nutrients.

Formulated to meet the nutritional needs of orchids, Orchid Drip Feed is convenient and easy-to-use.

Orchid Drip Feed:

A slow-release, liquid fertiliser
Convenient and simple to use
Each mini-bottle will feed an orchid for two-three weeks.
Available in packs of 10, Orchid Drip Feed can be used throughout the growing season and when potting or transplanting orchids to a new pot.

One drip feed will nourish an orchid in a 12-15cm diameter pot, or use two-three bottles for larger pots and containers.

To use, remove the tip from the drip feeder, invert and push the bottle into the soil. Water as normal. Partial to shade or filtered light, well-fed orchids will give a long-lasting flower display, brightening any home.


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