Lettuce Sulfita

A cross between a red Batavia and a red Iceberg, Lettuce ‘Sulfita’ has the crunch of an iceberg, the curl of a Batavia, plus a lovely cherry colour to brighten up your salad plate. Harvest whole heads or pick as single leaves. Plants are slow to bolt and resistant to downy mildew. Their iceberg parentage gives the thick, crisp heads a longer fridge-life than other types.

Direct sow lettuce seeds outdoors in spring and summer into well prepared, fertile, moist soil in sun or semi shade. Autumn sowings should be grown under cloches or in a cold greenhouse for overwintering. Sow seeds thinly at a depth of 1cm (½in) in drills 30cm (12″) apart in soil which has been raked to a fine tilth. When large enough to handle, thin out seedlings to 30cm (12″) apart and cover with a protective netting or fleece to prevent attack from birds and insects. Make regular sowings for a constant supply.
Approximately 200 seeds

Height: 30cm

Spread: 30cm

Sow: March – October

Harvest: January – Decemebr

Hardiness/longevity: Half Hardy Annual


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