Popcorn Fiesta

Have a popping party with Sweetcorn ‘Popcorn Fiesta’! Statuesque plants produce stunningly ornamental, multi-coloured long cobs with kernels of yellow, red, black, purple and pink! Brush them with butter, cover the dish with cling film and place in the microwave – kids will love watching them pop into delicious, fluffy popcorn. These edible fireworks are easy to grow – treat them the same as other sweetcorn varieties but harvest the cobs when the kernels have fully ripened.

Sow sweetcorn seeds from April to May in 7cm (3″) pots of free draining seed compost at a depth of 2cm (¾”). Place in a propagator or seal the container inside a polythene bag at temperature of 18-24C (64-75F) until after germination which takes 7-10 days. After germination, grow sweetcorn plants on in cooler conditions for 10 – 14 days. When all risk of frost is passed, transplant into fertile, well drained soil in full sun, with shelter from winds. The tassels at the top of the plant and laden with pollen and are wind pollinated and should therefore be planted in blocks rather than rows to ensure good pollination. Plant 45cm (18″) between each plant.

Alternatively direct sow sweetcorn seeds outdoors in May once the soil has warmed, at a depth of 2cm (3/4″) and a distance of 35cm (14″) apart. Sow 2 seeds per station and thin out the weakest seedling per station after germination.
Approximately 40 seeds

Height: 200cm

Spread: 50cm

Sow: April – May

Harvest: August – September

Flowering Time: July – August

Hardiness/longevity: Half Hardy Annual


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