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Welcome to Norton Garden Centre, a family owned and run independent garden centre. Come and see us for a great selection of seasonal plants, gardening products, gifts and furniture, as well as trained and friendly staff who are always on hand to help. We hope to see you soon.

Giant pumpkins

The record for the biggest pumpkin in the world is a holy grail for giant vegetable growers: these days you need a forklift truck just to get your pumpkin to the showground for weighing.

Most of us can't manage pumpkins quite that big, but it's fun to see how big a monster you can manag…

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Give wildlife a drink

Put out a tray of water in warm weather and you'll find a host of wild creatures appreciate it to the full, from birds wanting a drink and a bath, to bats and hedgehogs looking for a watering hole at dusk. Even bees need to drink, so make sure it's kept topped up at all times.

Allotment Sue

Allotment Sue brings you regular updates on her journey to self-sufficiency. 

Share her experiences as she tackles the ups and downs of growing her own fruit, veg, flowers and herbs as well as coping with the challenges of erratic weather, invasive weeds and peckish birds!

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Plant of the Week: Hydrangea

Plant of the Week: Hydrangea

There’s no summer shrub quite so showy as a hydrangea. Huge, look-at- me flower heads open with effortless elegance in midsummer and come in a choice of shapes to suit all tastes. Creamy ‘Annabelle’ has frothy panicles like candyfloss cones; lacecaps like smokey-blue ‘Mariesii’ have dinnerplate-sized flowers with a flattened central cluster surrounded by butterfly-like bracts. Then there are old favourites the mophead hydrangeas with neat, spherical flowerheads the size of melons. Famously, both lacecaps and mopheads turn from pink to blue in acidic soils: you can encourage them by adding a blueing agent to the soil, or growing in containers of ericaceous (acidic) compost.