Cucumber Merlin F1

Greenhouse type

Cucumber ‘Merlin’ is perfect for the greenhouse or a polytunnel. This all-female variety produces excellent crops of short, smooth skinned fruits measuring up to 15cm, with a mild flavour and no bitter aftertaste. Fruits are produced at every node, every few days so you can be sure of a bumper harvest. This reliable variety shows good resistance to common diseases including powdery mildew, downy mildew and cucumber mosaic virus.

Greenhouse cucumbers must be grown in a warm, humid greenhouse with a minimum temperature of 15C (60F). Outdoor (Ridge) types are suitable for growing outside. Some varieties may be suited to indoor and outdoor cultivation.

Sow Cucumber seeds from early March to April for indoor cropping and for transplanting outdoors later on. Outdoor varieties may also be direct sown outdoors from May to June. Sow cucumber seed on their sides at a depth of 1cm (½”) in 7.5cm (3″) pots of free-draining, seed sowing compost. Place in a propagator or seal container inside a plastic bag at a temperature of 20C (68F) until germination which takes 7-10 days. Protect the emerging seedlings from direct sunlight to avoid scorching. Grow Cucumber plants on until they are large enough to be transplanted. Maintain a minimum temperature of 15C (60F) and keep the compost moist but not wet.

When cucumber plants are well grown, transplant them at a spacing of 2 plants per growbag or 45cm (18″) apart in a warm, humid greenhouse. Outdoor varieties should be gradually acclimatised to outdoor conditions over 7-10 days before transplanting into warm, well drained, humus rich soil in full sun, with shelter from winds. Plant outdoor cucumbers in single rows at a distance of 90cm (36″) apart. Water well after planting until cucumber plants are fully established.
Approximately 6 seeds

Height: 300cm

Spread: 45cm

Sow: April – June

Harvest: July – October

Flowering Time: May – August

Hardiness/longevity: Half Hardy Annual


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