Hanging Baskets

Hanging baskets are a great way to add bright splashes of colour to your garden, and they are wonderfully versatile to use.

From planting seasonal bedding plants such as begonias and pansies, to planting fruit and vegetables (strawberries and tomatoes do very well in baskets) to using as a garden decoration over the festive period (some baubles and battery lights really make them a feature), hanging baskets can be used anywhere in your garden. 


How to hang 

Hanging baskets can be placed anywhere in your garden, you can be quite creative with them. Using a hanging basket bracket fixed on a wall or fence is the more traditional method, but Shepard Crooks can also be used to add your baskets anywhere you would like them - just make sure they are pushed firmly in to the ground! 


Choosing your basket

There are a variety of different baskets to choose from, and it is important to choose the right basket for you and your garden! Baskets can include woven wicker or a plastic wicker, solid plastic with water reservoirs (good if you forget to water!) or wire. 

Wire baskets are very open, allowing for side planting. They do however, require you to create a liner from moss or coco liners. This can be easily done, all it requires is a little more time to plant up. Most other baskets simply require you to add soil and your chosen plants, easy!  

Hanging Baskets can also be as creative as you like, after all they are basically a hanging container. Let your imagination run wild and use small pots, bird cages, even a old wellie boot can look great planted up!

Basket Liners

The lining you choose is as important as your basket choice! The lining is there to help with water retention, and with wire baskets to make sure the soil does not fall out everywhere! 

Liners can include:

  • Sphagnum Moss – great to use in wire baskets, sphagnum moss is excellent at water retention. It can look absolutely beautiful, but requires a bit more attention when using. 

  • Coco liners – coco liners are usually made in to a pre-moulded shapes to fit certain size baskets. As they are pre-sized, they are an easy option as you can pop in your basket and start planting. Side planting can be more tricky with coco liners, but using a sharp knife to cut the liner will allow you to plant as you require. 


Planting a Hanging Basket

It is important that you think about the plants you are adding to your basket, this is where size does matter! Overfilling a basket with plants will require more regular watering and pruning, and plants will not grow to their fullest if they are having to compete for space. Also think about the colour scheme and overall look you would like from your basket and choose your plants accordingly. 

When you plant, make sure you choose a suitable soil, we recommend a soil which contains a feed and watering retaining particle, such as Gro-Sure Easy Container Compost. We also recommend using Aqua-Gel, which help hold on to water and release it back in to the soil over time. 


What plants should I choose?

The plants you choose to put in your hanging basket will be impacted by the time of year and where your baskets are in your garden - a sunny or shady spot. There is still plenty of choice for all areas of the garden and all seasons, we have included a few of our favourites below. 


for somewhere sunny



for somewhere shady



for cooler months